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Dr. Fetsch using dental technology to show possible results
Technology Has Made Dramatic Differences For Our Patients!

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No one should have to live with a damaged smile and painful, failing teeth. You’ll enjoy our commitment to deliver strong, gorgeous, comfortable smiles in every aspect of our practice at New You Smile. Truly superior dental implants depend on precision every step of the way, from diagnostics to design and delivery. Our on-site dental laboratory boasts the most cutting-edge dental technology so we can dependably deliver updated care and affordable dental implants in St. Louis, MO. By keeping us on the forefront of dental techniques and technology, our dental lab ensures reliably successful dental implant treatment plans and creates truly customized smile designs. We want your new teeth to look and feel completely natural so you can enjoy your dream smile for a lifetime!

Digital Diagnostics for Precise Dental Implants

patient getting a ct scan

3D Cone Beam CT Scanner

This powerful imaging device creates a precise digital model of your hard tissue, including the bony ridge that will support your new dental implants. With detailed, comprehensive measurements of the width, depth, and height of available bone, we can ensure stable implants and long-term success for your smile.

dental x-ray

Digital X-Ray

Unlike traditional x-ray images on film, we can magnify, change contrast, and manipulate your digital x-rays to give us a wealth of information for your initial diagnostics as well as ongoing maintenance for the continued health of your implants.

Dr. Fetsch using dental technology to show possible results

Intraoral Camera

With crystal clear close-up visual images of your teeth, gums, and entire oral environment, we can show you exactly what we see during every exam so you’re never left guessing. Your photos will also be integral to your smile preview and give you an amazing before and after comparison of your smile!

Dr. Fetsch using dental technology to show possible results

Digital Impressions with 3D Intraoral Scanner

No one likes biting into trays full of goop for dental impressions. Whenever possible, we’ll use our 3D intraoral scanner instead! Digital impressions create a high-fidelity computer model of your teeth and gums, including accurately capturing the color of your natural teeth and your skin tone! This model allows us to create your completely customized dental implant smile design so your final results will look and feel totally natural.


XNav Guided Surgery

Xnav Guided Surgery is a cutting-edge dental technology that revolutionizes surgical procedures by integrating real-time 3D navigation. This advanced system creates precise planning and execution capabilities for our team, ensuring unmatched procedure accuracy.

Particularly beneficial for dental implant placements, Xnav enhances surgical precision and contributes to a streamlined, predictable experience. Overall, it is a transformative tool in dental care, promoting improved outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction.



RAYFace technology is a facial recognition system that utilizes algorithms to provide highly accurate and efficient identification capabilities. With a focus on security and convenience, RAYFace employs advanced facial recognition techniques, enabling quick and reliable authentication processes.

This technology is designed to adapt to various environments, offering seamless integration across diverse applications, from access control systems to secure digital transactions. By leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology, RAYFace enhances security measures while delivering a user-friendly and efficient experience in authentication and identity verification processes.

Experience The Paradigm Shift
In How We Approach Dental Implants

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Full arch dental implant consultation

How Our Full Mouth Dental Implant Lab
Can Save Your Smile

The success of your dental implants depends on the precision of their placement. That precision starts with diagnostics. Our dental lab uses the most advanced imaging available to create a digital model of your complete dental anatomy. This digital model will incorporate detailed scans of your bone structure and allow us to ensure you have sufficient bone volume to support dental implants. Coupled with photos and digital impressions, our full mouth dental implant laboratory will have a comprehensive replica of your teeth, gums, and bone structure to use throughout the smile design and surgical planning process.

You’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of our on-site dental lab throughout your surgical process, including delivery of your restorations and ongoing aftercare. Our on-site lab not only ensures detailed diagnostics and precision surgeries; it also lets us control costs and give you affordable dental implants in St. Louis, MO. By limiting our need to contract with an off-site dental lab, we eliminate costs as we keep as many aspects of your care under one roof. We’re committed to giving you a smile you’ll love for decades to come, and our advanced dental lab makes it possible!