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Don’t Waste Another Moment
Struggling with Failing and Missing Teeth

Dental health problems can take a serious toll on your physical and emotional health. Problems with chewing and biting can limit your food choices, leaving you at risk for nutritional deficiencies. Missing teeth can lead to painful problems with your jaw joint and loss of bone volume. Broken, decayed, severely worn, and missing teeth can significantly damage your confidence and affect your social and professional life.

When it comes to rebuilding a complete set of strong, comfortable, functional teeth and a smile that helps you greet the world with confidence, we understand that our patients don’t want to wait to start living with their dream smile! Same day dental implants provide all the long-lasting health benefits and superior function of dental implants without waiting weeks or months. Also known as teeth in a day, same day dental implants create a streamlined approach to this gold standard solution to tooth loss. Dr. James Fetsch and our team at New You Smile can’t wait to celebrate your gorgeous new smile with dental implants in St. Louis, MO!

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I Hated My Old Solution To My Missing Teeth, Dental Implants Gave Me The Beautiful Smile That I Once Had!
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What Are Same-Day
Smile Transformations?

If you’ve lost a tooth, waiting for several months to get a dental implant can be a frustrating experience. However, what if you could have an implant and a replacement tooth on the same day? It may seem too good to be true, but same day dental implants make it possible through advanced techniques and technology. You’ll leave the same day as your surgery with a full set of beautiful teeth in place, allowing you to chew, speak, and smile even as your implants integrate into the bone tissue. Your temporary restoration will also cover the surgical site, helping to protect it and keep you extra comfortable as you heal.

While teeth in a day are a great way to hit the ground running with your renewed dental health, you will need to take it easy at first. We’ll recommend a limited, soft-food diet initially, gradually integrating firmer textures and greater variety as your implant posts become stronger. Once your posts have completely integrated into your jawbone, a process taking a few months, you’ll return to our office for your final restoration, crafted from heavier, stronger, and even more beautiful materials. Get ready to celebrate your dream smile!

Technology Driven Smiles

The difference between the traditional approach to dental implants and same day dental implants is that we can now harness the most cutting-edge technology to print a gorgeous and completely customized temporary restoration out of lightweight material that will allow you to live your life while your implants heal, without putting excessive strain on your new implant posts. Following your initial consultation and building your customized treatment plan and smile design, we know you’ll be excited to start enjoying better quality of life with dental implants. We’ll use powerful diagnostic and digital design technology to craft your same day dental implants with the same precision and exacting standards you can expect from every visit to our office.

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Smile Design Preview

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Benefits of Teeth in a Day

  • You’ll be able to return to your normal routine right away
  • No struggling with an uncomfortable removable appliance that doesn’t stay securely in place
  • Smile, speak, and socialize with confidence even as your dental implants heal
  • Enjoy better comfort during the healing process
  • You’ll be able to eat comfortably, incorporating more and more of your normal diet as you heal, rather than waiting months to eat normal foods again
  • Start living with your dream smile today!
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